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It is important to T-REX that our work be completed on time and within budget.  A project that is behind schedule will invariably be over budget.  In order to meet our client’s requirements in terms of cost and schedule, our project services team is provided with the necessary tools to ensure your project is a success.  Cost Control and Estimating, Scheduling/Planning, Procurement and Document Control are the primary project functions needed to plan, track and execute a project to ensure client satisfaction and a successful project.



Cost Control and Estimating

T-REX is committed to supplying clients detailed, realistic and reliable project cost estimates.  Cost control and estimating functions are executed in accordance with industry project management practices that comply with T-REX procedures and client requirements.  T-REX cost control and estimating covers:

  • Comprehensive current data for materials, construction and installation pricing
  • Full CAPEX field development costing and estimating
  • Cost reporting and projections
  • Cost risk assessments
  • Authority for expenditure (AFE) preparation
  • Management of change
  • Coding and approval of vendor invoices
  • Verification of in-house time for accuracy and cost-coding
  • Review of subcontractors/vendors claims for additional work
  • Final project reconciliation of project cost and income performance
  • Initiating and updating historical data for future input into project estimates



Project Planning

T-REX provides clients with a comprehensive field development planning methodology in order to understand our clients’ project drivers and objectives.  Interactive communication with team members identifies the objectives and the deliverables necessary to ensure the success of the project.  Our professional planners work with all parties involved in the project to deliver a well-defined project development schedule, which encompasses the project vision, goals and requirements while identifying the critical path and major risks.  T-REX is committed to presenting our clients a project that is accurately planned and well-scheduled for execution.

Project planning increases management and client awareness, identifies risks, assists in maintaining control of the project and shows progress and achieved goals.  Understanding the interrelationships between project drivers, market conditions, constructability, fabrication and installation contractor capabilities, logistics and many other factors is key to successful project planning.  T-REX planning professionals understand these interrelationships and use the latest planning tools such as Primavera (both P3 and P3e) and Microsoft Project to develop and monitor project progress.  Progress reporting against baseline schedules is performed using established (or client agreed) rules of credit.



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T-REX’s Procurement Group is made up of professionals experienced in both domestic and international purchasing, subcontracts, expediting and logistics in the oil and gas industry.  Project procurement demands are met through expert Procurement Managers, Buyers and Expediters.

Procurement activities are conducted in accordance with established T-REX procedures and client requirements. 

  • Development of approved vendors and subcontractors lists
  • Verification of contracts, sub-contracts, master services agreements and purchase orders terms and conditions, preparation of RFQ’s and other bid enquiry documents
  • Source the highest quality products and services at competitive rates
  • Bid evaluation (commercial and technical) analysis
  • Issuance of contracts, sub-contracts, master service agreements and purchase orders
  • Shipping and transportation
  • Expediting
  • Vendor assessment
  • Review and approval of in-house subcontractors and purchase orders prior to issuing to suppliers Quality Control
  • Operate in accordance with all applicable policies, state and federal public codes
  • Inspection and testing
  • Preparation and issuing of purchase orders and status reports


Document Control

Document Control is a fundamental part of Quality Assurance.  As an engineering firm, our product is essentially our documentation, which communicates and illustrates engineering designs and services.  The three major functions of Document Control are:  maintaining project documentation and filing systems, maintaining document registers and supporting the Quality Management System (QMS).

  • Maintaining Project Documentation - A major responsibility for document controls is the maintenance and management of project documentation.  Project documents issued and received by Document Control are maintained in a coded filing system to ensure they are retrievable during the project’s life and after project closeout.
  • Maintaining Document Registers - Document registers are key tools both for Document Control and Project Management.  These registers are used to assign document numbers, maintain revision control, track the issuance and receipt of documents and document status.
  • Supporting the Quality Management System (QMS) - T-REX is committed to providing quality products and services to clients.  Documentation must be checked for technical accuracy and non-technical aspects.  A system of routing covers and/or check-print boxes (commonly used for drawings) are utilized to guide and identify the checkers, as well as provide key quality records for auditing.  Document Control verifies that technical checking has been performed and that a distinct paper trail is established for auditing purposes.



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